SMS Anti Wrinkle Pomegranate Serum – $63


Sugar Apple Scrubbing Mask – $42


Calming After Shave Balm – $42

If your morning bathroom routine hasn’t evolved beyond shaving and washing your face with a grimy bar of soap, it’s time you made some modifications to your routine!

Stock up on a few key grooming products – and give yourself an extra minute or two! You can keep wrinkles, greasy skin, razor burn and breakouts at bay! ALL without stealing your girls’ products! (Come on – you know you do it!)


    Razor bumps, fine lines, break outs, crows feet, dry patches, black heads; frustrations every guy feels. Resist the urge to hide under a hat, beard or to sneak into your girl’s skin care cabinet! Get your skin looking great with a little help from the pros at AT. Founder Jess Tetu has more than 15 years experience in the skin industry and has created a line for even the most tempermental skin that guys are stoked to add to their daily routine.

    Every product has been researched and regularly tested by our team of Esthetic professionals & dermatologists before being approved for use or sale. In accordance with our company policy we do not test on animals. All botanicals are selected for freshness, purity of source, quality and potency. The majority of our botanicals are extracted in house using a traditional steam distillation method which optimizes the freshness and efficacy of our products. We perform toxicity, microbiological, temperature and stability tests on all formulations.

  • + Packaged in Recyclable Materials
  • + No Animal Testing – Cruelty Free
  • + Paraben – Petrolatum – Phthalate Free
  • + Natural Scents and Colors (Derived from essential oils & botanicals)
  • + Manufactured in FDA Certified Lab with GMP