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Alauna Whelan Ritual Mist

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Sacred Rituals to Honor You & Nature

The Elements collection was created to harness the properties of eat element; earth, fire, water, air, and ether.

To honor nature, only the purest ingredients are used.

By sourcing botanically based raw materials, Alauna Whelan's products are renewable and sustainable. This lessens the impact on Mother Earth.

All of their products are formulated and prepared by hand, in small batches.

Ritual mists are a blend of floral water, essential oils, grain alcohol, a natural preservative, and crystal gems.

These luxury botanical products are perfect for cultivating simple self-care rituals and sacred space.

Find a moment of reprieve with aromatic ritual mists. Formulated with floral waters, pure essential oils, and gem essences

Earth Security Ritual Mist: The Earth element represents security through grounding, strength, and growth.
Ingredients: chamomile floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, radish root ferment filtrate, black tourmaline gems.

Water Femininity Ritual Mist: The Water element represents femininity through intuition, flexibility, receptivity. 
Ingredients: rose geranium floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of lavender, geranium, clary sage, radish root ferment filtrate, amazonite gems.

Ether Divinity Ritual Mist: The Ether element represents divinity through connection, fortitude, and devotion.
Ingredients: sandalwood floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of cypress, rosewood, frankincense, myrrh, radish root ferment filtrate, amethyst gems.

Air Clarity Ritual Mist: The Air element represents clarity through focus, discernment, and integrity. 
Ingredients: peppermint floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass peppermint, radish root ferment filtrate, clear quartz gems.

Fire Abundance Ritual Mist: The Fire element represents abundance through confidence, inspiration, and creativity.
Ingredients: neroli floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of ylang ylang, palmarosa, bergamot, radish root ferment filtrate, tiger eye gems.

Shake well before use. Mist room for an aromatic pick-up or meditation tool. Spray linens, bedding and towels. Always test fabric in a small area first.

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