Lia Reese Gift Collection

Bro Brick Soap Bars

$3.40 $8.50

Rum & Coke: The great scent of rum and coke. It smells like cola gummies and it include a shot of real rum in it.  This unique scent will leave you fresh and wanting more. 

Rye & Ginger: Notes of lemon and lime with a kick of ginger. Perfectly balanced with a shot of Canadian Rye. 

Whiskey & Chocolate: Teamed up with local chocolate couture JACEK  to come up with a rich dark creamy chocolate brick. It even has a cocoa bean husk scrub.

Butter Beer: With notes of brown sugar and butter, this Situation Beer soap is fantastic for anyone who love the HP series. 

Sandalwood & Vanilla: Sweet, warm, rich and woody.

Old Fashioned: Experience the scents of fine Bourbon, orange zest and sweet cherry. This brick based on the classic drink will cleanse your body and make your mouth water for an Old Fashioned. 


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