Lia Reese Gift Collection

Buck Naked Soap Company Inc Crystal Infused Perfume Oil


Lemon + Lavender: This Crystal Infused Perfume Oil makes for a beautiful and delicate scent while offering all the aromatherapeutic benefits of relaxation, clarity, and renewing your spirits. 

Gardenia: Found in gardens the world over, gardenias are known for their exquisite beauty and effervescent, floral scent. Often found to have a deep, rich scent, our gardenia blend is elevated with cassia for just the right balance of sweet, spicy, and floral.

Jasmine: Intoxicating. Calming. Sensuous. Jasmine is Persian for “God’s Gift”. Our Moroccan Rose Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is truly a gift for the senses, and in Hinduism is known as the ‘perfume of love’ for its aphrodisiac properties. 

Lavender + Geranium: Delicate and harmonizing lavender is carefully blended with sweet, herbaceous geranium to create a balance of calming and grounding properties. The combination of which is romantic and comforting.

Moroccan Rose: Soft, sweet, and steeped with romance. Our Moroccan Rose Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is an exquisite coupling of old-world tradition and contemporary elegance. Sophisticated notes of rose, inspire connection and confidence, and warm vanilla calm the mind, this combination makes for a soft, sensual floral sweetness. 

The Old Fashioned Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is where masculinity, femininity and the unflappable old-fashioned confidence of Don Draper meet – where a blend of soft, sweet and musky essential oils come together to calms the senses.

The essential oil-based perfume oil is infused with, and perfectly complemented by individual artisan-crafted clear quartz for healing and spiritual growth innovative crystal points are not only zero waste, but they also double as a Gua Sha tool for improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. They are also an amazing meditative tool to focus your energy and center yourself.

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