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Cedar & Sage Extractor Duo

Relieve your complexion with this Sift Touch Blemish Extractor Duo. Customize your skin clearing system by choosing the right extractor for your needs!

Soft Touch Finish
Stainless Steel
Professional Quality

Directions: Prior to use, rinse with warm water to help open pores. Best to use after showering or steaming the face for easier removal. Encircle the blemish area with the loop (try to center as much as possible) and apply slow and even pressure until extraction occurs. Repeat as needed.

Skin Concerns:
Acne: Choose the loop based on the blemish size to relieve from skin.

Blackheads/Whiteheads: Remove blackheads with the flat, thicker loop and whiteheads with the small, thinner loop.

Caution: Not for use on deep acne. Do not continue use if the extraction is not release easily. Applying to much fore can cause skin damage.

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