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Sarjesa Tea


About Sarejsa Tea:

It all started with a final project for an Indigenous Studies Course, facilitated by Dr. Renae Watchman. As a class, we were challenged to think about resistance within our everyday experiences. One morning, on her way to school, Alexandra went to her favorite local coffee shop. Looking down at their array of beverages, she was struck with a thought. Here she was, purchasing products that supported small businesses and Indigenous communities elsewhere in the world. What if there was a tea that raised awareness of the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people, while also using Canadian ingredients and donating to a local women’s shelter?

Thus, Sarjesa Inc. was born.

Chamomile Blend: Inspired by the plants we see growing in the cracks of our city’s sidewalks, this calming blend of chamomile, clover, and rose petals will inspire you to appreciate the wonders of nature in your daily lives.

Peppermint Blend: Made entirely with plants that can be found in Alberta’s expanse of prairie grass, this blend of sage and peppermint with subtle hints of rose reminds us to step back and reconnect with the local lands we love.

Blueberry Breakfast: Heartwarming and mouth watering, this is the Sarjesa take one what a breakfast blend should be. Full-bodied black tea, sweet with blueberry and a hint of vanilla, we hope this blend delights your tastebuds.

Earl Grey Blend: This beautiful blend of black tea and bergamot oil with hints of cornflower and the floral fragrance of lavender is perfect for a cold and rainy day. Mountain Mist will remind you to slow down and appreciate the small things. After all, even the flowers need rain to grow.

Green Tea Blend: Sweet with the scent of jasmine, this tea is steeped in promise and tradition. With the soft aroma of Alberta-grown wild mint rising from every cup, this green tea encourages us to take our time and honor the process.

Spiced Chai Blend: The luxurious blend of fragrant spices* in Dappled Sunlight is sure to warm your belly and your heart. With the slightest hint of rosehip adding an Alberta tang to each sip, this blend will remind you of better days and warmer seasons.


From the very beginning, we knew that packaging was going to be a very important piece of work. Connecting with community-focused artists, all of the dancers are made especially for Sarjesa. For our original six dancers, they asked the artists to represent women from their own communities, in motion, with agency, and with resilience. 


- Hugo Dubon Art

- Aly McKnight Art

- Jonathan Labillois Art

- Natalie Lynem

- Sara-Sati Ramprashad

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