How to Apply False Eyelashes!

How to apply false eyelashes!

False lashes can immediately amplify any makeup look– they’re my secret weapon for an instant glam. But, applying them can be very intimidating for both beginners and seasoned beauty lovers. But, that's why we are here! We want to simplify this process by giving you quick & easy steps & tips for a seamless falsie application!


Choosing the right pair of lashes

There are so many different types of lashes to choose from! Everything goes into consideration: the length, the volume, natural, glam! But ultimately, it comes down to personal preference!

Customizing your fit

Sometimes the lashes don't need to be fitted and will fit perfectly to your eye shape! But in other cases, you may need to trim down the lash! 

  • In order to check the fit, line up the inner corner of the lash with the inner corner of your eye and see how much it extends past your outer corner, if at all. Getting a good fit is super important for all day comfort.
  • If you do need to trim down your lashes, start by trimming the outer end of the band until you get the perfect fit!

Adding the glue!

  • Grab your lashes with tweezers or an applicator at the center, just under the band. Start applying a thin layer of glue from corner to corner. Try not to get any glue onto the actual lashes, but if you do, thats ok! 
  • Once you’ve applied the glue, wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. If the glue is not tacky & you try to apply, it will likely just slip off your eyelid or not adhere properly!

Applying the lash onto your eyes

This part is usually the scariest part, but theres no need to be afraid! 

  • You will want to keep your eye open when applying the lashes. I find it best to look downward into a mirror! The center of the lash should be the first point you anchor onto the lash line, then push in each corner. I will then hold each corner in place for a few seconds to make sure they’re stuck on well!

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