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ALY Lip Gloss


The ALY gloss was designed by our founder Jess & her childhood best friend Aly. Aly was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 years old, and the creation came to life with the hopes of spreading awareness around the importance of monitoring breast health. Aly chose the colour to align with breast cancer awareness, and chose vanilla as her favorite flavour/scent for the gloss.

One year later, at age 36, Aly tragically lost her life to this horrific disease, leaving behind her wonderful husband Brad & their two small children Mya & Tristan. Jess & the LRC team decided to honour Aly further, by adding her signature to the box design and after raising an initial $5000 for Aly's children, the team now donates $5 from the sale of every ALY gloss to breast cancer research in Aly's name! Aly is missed every single day, & we will continue to cherish her memory & know that she would be so proud of the support her product is providing!

*For every purchase of ALY lipgloss, $5 is now donated directly to Breast Cancer Research. 

  • Slightly tacky texture (designed for long wear)
  • Super pigmented
  • Contains antioxident vitamin E
  • Contains natural vanillin extract
  • Stays on longer than any other lipgloss and retains its color

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