Lia Reese Body

Zen Himalayan Pink Bath Salts


Originally formed from marine fossil deposits over 250 million years ago, Himalayan Pink Sea Salts have been a valuable commodity for centuries. Containing over 84 essential minerals that will not only make the skin baby-soft, but also efficiently detox the entire body.

Pair with your favorite Lia Reese Body Essential Oil!


Use: Add 1.2 cup (may vary dependent on he size of tub) of Lia Reese Body Himalayan Sea Salt to your warm bath water as it fills, let sit for a few minutes to fully dissolve. If using essential oils add 2-3 drops to your salts and stir. If you are finding your salts are quite difficult to breakdown we recommend to let your salts dissolve in a large pot of water overnight. Soak in the bath for as long as feel comfortable for you. 40 minutes is generally recommended. Remember to drink lots of water while soaking!


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