Lia Reese Botanicals

Nourishing Antioxidant Mask


Skin Type: Mature/Anti-Aging, Dry/Sensitive, Environmentally Stressed

Enrich and pamper your skin with Nourishing Anti-oxidant Mask. This creamy treatment delivers a nutrient-enriched, hydrating cocoon that elevates elasticity while pampering the skin. Jojoba and Carrot Root Oil offer skin-smoothing benefits that enhance the skin’s natural lipid barrier

Directions for use: After cleansing, apply a thin layer of mask over face and neck and allow several minutes to absorb. Mask may be left on or removed with tepid water.

Feature Ingredient:  Vitamin E; Shea Butter; Rosehip Oil; Plant derived Hyaluronic Acid; Mandarin Oil; Carrot Root Oil

If you are unsure if this product is right for you, please contact a skin care professional today!

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